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Lalbagh IVF Centre was established in 2008 with the aim of helping couples achieve their goal of parenthood through a combination of counselling and medical treatments in an atmosphere of empathy and confidentiality. Prior to 2008, we were doing all infertility treatments except IVF. Dr. Vidyamani & Dr. Latha N. lead a multi-speciality team of clinicians who are dedicated to maximising our patients chances of success. Lalbagh IVF Centre offers a complete range of services for the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for female and male infertility. We prefer to know our patients by name rather than a number and do our utmost to reduce the stress experienced whilst undergoing fertility treatment. Strict attention to detail at every stage of the treatment cycle ensures that we maximise your chances of success. An important aspect of our treatment protocol is that every single cycle/ scan/ procedure is done by the senior consultants and in-house Embryologist, and all important decisions are taken by them.