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  • In-Vitro in Latin means in glass and hence the commonly used term test tube baby. IVF is one of the most popular treatments for infertility. IVF is recommended for couples in the following cases :

    • Women with blocked or damaged fallopian tubes.
    • Patients with severe endometriosis
    • Women with ovulation disorders, premature ovarian failure or uterine fibroids.
    • Patients with PCOS resistant to ovulation induction (O.I.)
    • Unexplained infertility after several failed IUI attempts.
    • Male factors such as decreased sperm count / motility.

The steps in IVF treatment are:

  • Ovulation induction to stimulate & monitor the development of eggs in the ovaries.
  • Egg collection using ultrasound guidance and under short general anesthesia.
  • Sperm washing & preparation.
  • Combine the eggs and sperm together in the IVF laboratory and providing the appropriate environment for fertilisation.
  • Transferring healthy embryos into the woman's uterus usually at blastocyst stage.
  • Medication is prescribed to support and maintain embryo implantation.


  • All procedures such as consultations, follicular scanning, treatment plans, egg pick-up and embryo transfers are done by the senior consultants : Dr. Vidyamani & Dr. Latha. This ensures a high level of consistency, quality and personalisation in your treatment. We prefer being a boutique facility rather than a factory.
  • Our success rates
  • Our embryologist, Mr.Nagaraj Patil, is full-time, and solely handles the embryology aspect of IVF treatment including maintenance of the equipment
  • We offer all procedures in ONE facility in Jayanagar, Bangalore, and do not have branches. This allows us to concentrate all our efforts and time on our patients.
  • We specialise in BLASTOCYST transfer. (A Blastocyst is an embryo that has been developed in the laboratory for five or six days after insemination, in contrast to conventional IVF which involves transferring embryos to the womb two to three days after egg collection and insemination (this is referred to as a Day 2 or 3 transfer)
  • Our IVF Lab & operation theatre are Class 10,000 certified with HEPA filtration of air and positive pressure provided by an air-handling unit (AHU)