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intra uterine insemination

  • Intra-uterine insemination is a fertility treatment where the male partner's sperms are processed in the laboratory to separate the fast moving & healthy sperms from sluggish or non-motile sperms. These fast moving & healthy sperms are then put directly into the uterine cavity using a delicate plastic tube at the time of the female partner's ovulation. The goal of IUI is to maximise the number of sperms reaching the woman's fallopian tubes to increase the chances of fertilisation. IUI (AID) is also done using donor sperms if the male partner has no sperm. IUI is offered when:

    • The patient does not conceive after 3-4 cycles of ovulation induction
    • Decreased sperm count and poor upward motility
    • Couples experiencing difficulties during sexual intercourse
    • Cervical mucous hostility – cervical mucous is too thick to allow the sperm to penetrate the cervix